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We are experiencing indefinite postponing of events until further notice. In the midst of this crisis, we are opening more online orders and possible livestreams. If you have any inquiries and questions, we have our inboxes still open. Even if you just want to chat. Best places to contact us are Facebook, Etsy, and Instagram. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Everyone stay healthy and safe!

Since 2012, a plush artist who isn’t afraid to design crazy custom one-of-kind creations, a pattern that allows to make ANY character! All of this started because of cosplay. I made a life size deinonychus raptor plush for a  Runaways Marvel cosplay group. The dinosaur stood up 5ft with assistance. My other cosplay friends took notice of my skill.  This dinosaur was my first plush and I winged the pattern. I started making life size Digimon as accessories for my friend's cosplays. They had been cosplaying longer then I and had a decent following, so they started sharing my work over their social medias.

Things grew from there. I started making human dolls of everyone's favorite pop culture characters. I've met over 50 celebrities, taking pictures with them and characters they represented. This is not just a business for me, I'm also a nerd that loves and enjoys the fandoms as well.

I don't plan on stopping any time soon!
  • Lexington, Kentucky, United States