09 Apr
Start of a New Thing!

Hello everyone!

I didn’t think I’d be making my own website any time soon. I bought my domain a couple years back.  Etsy kept me content with the online orders for the time being, but here we are! I’m about to hit my 8 year anniversary in making plush for everyone, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic I’ve had to look for other means in getting plush to you all. I’m sad I won’t be able to see you all in person at the conventions. Etsy is also trying its very best to distance themselves from sellers. So it felt like it was time to start working on a site of my own. We’re all making sacrifices and adapting to the situation. This way I can really let loose in the full inventory we normally have available through conventions AND the etsy store.

So it took me weeks to set this up! I hope you’ll all be happy with it. I’ll even try to add posts to this like Facebook or Instagram! This is a learning curve so bear with me! I’ll also do some Newsletters once in a while talking about either if there’s a chance to go to a convention this year, or new products, livestreams, anything i can think of!

So subscribe to the site!

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